About the WTC Health Program

The World Trade Center Health Program offers free health care resources and support for those who suffered health consequences resulting from the 9/11 terrrorist attacks.

The Zadroga Act passed by Congress in 2010, and re-authorized in 2015, created two Federal programs: The 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund, which offers financial reimbursement for medical and related expenses; and the WTC Health Program, which provides payment for medical care, and performs other related public health services.

In addition to first responders, this care is available to those who lived, worked and attended school in the ‘exposure zone’ during and after the event.

What does the WTC Health Program offer to 9/11 victims?

PAYMENTS FOR MEDICAL CARE: Treatment, testing and related services for cancer patients, as well as other maladies caused by 9/11 events, are paid directly by the WTC Health Program.

PHARMACY BENEFITS: Those with WTC-related conditions can receive the medications they need at no cost. A network of over 65,000 pharmacies, as well as a mail-order option, ensures easy access to necessary pharmaceuticals.

What else does the WTC Health Program do?

CERTIFICATION: The World Trade Center Health Program certifies whether an individual’s health issue, including cancer, was most likely caused by September 11 events and their aftermath. If this is the case, the person is officially certified to receive WTC Health Program Benefits, VCF financial awards, or both.

What’s involved in the certification process?

  1. You must have a medical diagnosis of cancer from your own health care provider.
  2. You can call 888-982-4748 for information on how to apply for certification. Get additional information and guidelines at cdc.gov/wtc. General questions about the WTC Health Program are answered at cdc.gov/wtc/cancerfaq.html.
  3. WTC Health Program doctors will review your medical records, biopsy report, medical history and other records. They will determine whether you have a type of cancer has been found to be 9/11-related. And they will decide whether your condition has likely been caused by, or aggravated by, the airborne toxins or other hazards at Ground Zero.
  4. If both answers are ‘yes,’ then WTC Health program administrators will then review your case, and make the final determination of certification and treatment coverage. You’ll then be notified about whether or not you are eligible for benefits.
  5. If they are affiliated with the WTC Health Program, your own doctor will then offer guidance on when and how to begin treatment. If not, your doctor will have the opportunity to establish that affiliation, or you may need to change doctors.

What if I’m denied certification and coverage?

You will receive information about filing an appeal.

What if I’ve already spent money on health care for my 9/11-related condition?

If you have been certified by the WTC Health Program, then you may apply for financial reimbursement from the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund. Due to the complexity of this application process, many individuals seek the help of law firms that specialize in representing 9/11 Victims.

If you would like to speak with a legal expert about VCF eligibility in your case, and get need-to-know information for 9/11 victims, call Kreindler at 888-246-4799. You can get your questions answered and understand the next steps you need to take.